Delimanjoo truck sweetens the Ktown block

Got a sweet tooth and don’t need anything savory for lunch? You’re in luck because the Korean dessert chain, Delimanjoo, is staking out territory in Ktown as a street cart. Freshly made cake waffles shaped as fish or corn, stuffed with different fillings are their specialties. I’ve only seen them in Chinatown and Flushing Mall, which have plenty of similar options, but they’re a welcomed addition to Midtown.

The menu is a bit confusing with different papers pasted all over the windows, as well as some repeats overhead. It also wasn’t clear if you could buy just one of the smaller cakes (delimanjoo). Then again that would be a bit like buying one potato chip…

Don’t let the translations turn you off. You’re not ordering fish cake, just cake shaped like one. With red bean and sweet potato as fillings, you could almost rationalize this as a healthy lunch. And starting at $2.50 for the taiyakis, you’ve even got money leftover for a real meal.

I go for the classic red bean taiyaki, about the size of an iPhone 6 (no, NOT the bendable 6 Plus), but much thicker at approximately 1 inch. The dough/crust is slightly chewy in a mochi way. Don’t expect pancake or waffle batter, and you’ll appreciate the texture for what it is. A good filling-to-dough ratio for me, but I can see red bean lovers wanting more. Happily, their Delimanjoo’s version isn’t very sweet. One could probably down about 4 of these suckers and be done with lunch.

My only gripe is nothing getting cooked to order. Instead, some guy is chillin in the truck, and wrapping up pre-made cakes that have been sitting on hot plates. If you happen to score some fresh off the griddle, let us know how it tastes.

Dalimanjoo Truck, 32nd street near 5th Ave. (b/w 6th Ave)


  • korean cart but these desserts are japanese in origin.

  • OMG I loved this cart when it was in Flushing Mall, the custard ones are ridiculously good… btw, freshly made ones will burn the f* out of your face, so it’s probably better that you’re getting warmed ones. No that I know from being so excited and stuffing one in my face and it squiring everywhere or anything

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      There is stand selling this stuff in the more conveniently located New World Mall in Flushing. They sell them hot, so I too have been burned by some hot cream.

  • The ho-dduk at Grace Street in ktown are awesome if you’re looking for something freshly fried

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