Plywood Up at Dos Toros in Midtown East

Ever since Baja Fresh suddenly shuttered on Lexington btw. 45th + 46th streets, there has been something of a void in quick Mexican food options, although there is Oaxaca to the north, and Tacos Grand Central┬áto the south (and Chipotle, which I don’t count). Lo and behold, we have a location of Dos Toros coming to Midtown East! It’s the Cali-style Mexican food mini-chain that five years ago Zach said was worth taking a subway ride to the Union Square shop for. Well, now you’ll only have to endure a short walk, or order for delivery to partake in one of their carnitas burritos.

Dos Toros, 465 Lexington Ave. (btw. 45+46th)


  • Blandest text mex ever!

    • really? I have to disagree.

      I think Dos Toros is superior to Chipotle. Most of their ingredients are local and/or organic but the best part is that they melt the cheese onto your burrito when they warm it up!

      I also go there for their super spicy hot sauce that kicks my ass every time.

  • Midtown Lunch’s very own Eeyore.

    Have you ever eaten anything you actually liked?

  • They also shuttered down a horribly managed Qdoba (where the new Shake Shack is). I was thinking there was no more room left in this nabe for cookie cutter “fast casual” Mexican.

    • Is Dos Toros cookie-cutter? I mean, brisket burritos, man.

      • It’s fresh, cheap and pretty good you damn fussy bastards

        Between tightwad StevieP and everything sucks Eeyore the ML target for success is now tinier than Cockchug’s pecker in an icy prison community shower

      • Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Chipotle slut. I’m just saying I don’t see enough people going to these places to keep these restaurants afloat (except for Chipotle).

        If Dos Toros can bring some decent competition to CMG and drive their prices down, I’m all for it.

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    Speaking of Baja Fresh….

    I stopped at one in NJ over the weekend. It seems as though they revamped their entire menu as of a few months ago.

    For what was ordered, we ended up paying about double of what we used to pay. That being said, the salad my wife ordered was huge and looked like it was enough to feed 3 or 4 people.

    I think the menus (and quality of food) vary depending on the location, so your local franchised store might have different menu options.

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