Best Flatiron Lunch: 2013 Readers’ Poll

It’s time for the 2013 Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Your nominations are in, and you can only vote once per category (so choose wisely). Official results will be posted next week.

Flatiron Lunch has a history selecting only the healthiest of lunch options for our “Best of” including Doughnut Plant and Hill Country Chicken. 2012 Reader’s Poll saw Hill Country Chicken narrowly beating out Mad. Sq. Eats for the top prize, but given the general lack of love for our twice yearly Worth Sq visitor of late, it seems unlikely that Mad. Sq. Eats will even finish in the Top 5. Newcomer Tres Carnes joins the list. Here are the nominees for Best Flatiron Lunch…

Vote for your favorite, after the jump…

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