Hot Clay Oven Opens With 50% Off Deal

Hot Clay Oven, otherwise known as the Indian Chipotle, is now open on 3rd Ave. (btw 44th+45th), and they’re offering 50% off all entrees, plus unlimited toppings, for a limited time. The Indian fusion spot already has a location downtown, and offers a menu of wraps, rice, and salad bowls with a number of proteins, sauces, and toppings to choose from. We’ll have a review soon, but early adopters let us know what you think.  (Thanks to Lunch’er James for the tip!)


  • it must’ve been a super limited time b/c i was there about an hour ago and they didn’t have any 50% off dealios.

    i won’t comment on service other than it was a shitshow behind the line as workers were running around like chickens without their heads on. furthermore, at the register, they’re using ipads without an app like square, so they’re typing in cc #’s manually. you can imagine what kind of backup this causes.

    when i got there at 12 there were about 20 people in front of me with the line just inside the door…after 25-30 mins, the line included 20 out the door. it moved fairly fast, but i was so engrossed in my plants vs. zombies 2 game, it didn’t seem long for me.

    as for the food, i got a tandoori chicken naan wrap. i don’t think the naan translates wells as a wrap b/c it became super chewy by the time i got to my desk (~5 mins). the chicken itself was unbelievably flavorless. there’s not much worse than flavorless indian food albeit this one sells itself as an indian fusion grill. they ran out of many toppings (i.e. peppers and onions and red onions) so i got my wrap with carrots and corn with a mint chutney on the side. chutney was serviceable.

    if i were to go again, i’d get a bowl with naan on the side.

    fwiw, i’d much rather have 2 kati rolls for the price of 1 naan wrap at hot clay. too bad desi is the only one near me and not a proper kati roll establishment.

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    Thanks for this. I was planning on going today, walked past, saw the line, and decided to forgo the 50% off. Now that I know that there wasn’t even a 50% off deal and the food was mediocre, I probably won’t be trying this place out anytime soon (maybe in a few months if more positive reviews pop up).

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    Their credit card swipes weren’t working for some reason when I was there, but that seems like an issue that will be resolved. I had the tandoori chicken too and didn’t think it was that bad, albeit not like traditional tandoori chicken. Agree that naan doesn’t make the best wrap.

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