Korean Tacos and Sliders Are Back at Bann Next Door

In February, Bann Next Door, at 50th street between 8th and 9th avenues (in Worldwide Plaza), informed us that they were cutting their delicious Korean tacos and other fusion items, like sliders, from the menu. Well, apparently they got a lot of backlash for this move and are now bringing it all back! They’re more or less offering the same options as before (beef rib eye, chicken, spicy pork), but with a catch… tacos, sliders, and BBQ bento boxes are now $12 instead of the $8 or $9 they cost before.

I had a chance to stop by earlier this week, and sadly, it doesn’t seem as though portions have increased much with the price change. I ordered the spicy pork sliders, which came with a side salad, chips, and a spicy dipping sauce .

The pork was well-seasoned and the sliders were clearly prepared with care. They were saucy without being messy and the ratio of meat to onion to avocado was spot on. The pepper flakes in the salad made it a worthwhile side dish and the chips provided a crunchy contrast to everything else. The presentation is rather beautiful, if I do say so, and the whole platter is still a good amount of food.

I guess the question one needs to ask here is whether or not it’s worth breaking the ML budget for this, especially when there are still other Korean fusion options in midtown for under $10 (like Korilla and The Seoul Food Truck). The food itself at Bann Next Door is great as ever, but it’s a bit difficult not to feel disappointed knowing how much this same meal used to cost.

Bann Next Door, 350 W 50th St. (btw. 8+9th) 212-582-4446

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