A Look at the 10-Hour Roasted Pork From Miami Food Machine Truck

As Brian reported last month, the Bongo Brothers are back in action, but now as the flashy Miami Food Machine Truck with a new menu consisting of sliders, tacos, and rice bowls. The Machine, decked out in a color scheme reminiscent of Miami Vice, has been making appearances in Midtown for the past few Mondays on Park Avenue between 49th and 50th Street.

After hearing about Downtown’s reaction to the new Chipotle-assembly line style menu, I wanted to go hearty: a rice bowl (white rice, Cuban black beans, and sweet plantains) with 10 Hour Roasted Pork complete with Guava BBQ, red cabbage slaw, and lettuce. I also opted for the “secret sauce” which was the mild sauce – my other options were lime crema (cool) or habanero heat (hot). At $9, the bowl does not disappoint.

Just upon taking this lunch box out of the brown paper bag it came in, I was already happy. The container was packed to the brim with a good sized portion of everything.

The pulled pork was very tender and tossed in a BBQ sauce that was on the sweeter side, thanks to the guava. The “secret sauce” served on the side also tasted similar to a Chipotle mayo. I wasn’t crazy about the Chipotle mayo; I kept it on the side for dipping the pork in, but next time I’d probably go with the hot sauce or the cool sauce. There is also no shortage of rice and beans, which you can eat with every bite. But oh mah gahhhh, the sweet plantains! So deliciously sweet and juicy. I wish the rice bowl had more of these things! Luckily, the truck does offer a side of the plantains, which I will definitely be taking advantage of next time.. probably along with a beef empanada.

Fans of The Bongo Brothers, how are you liking the new menu? And, Miami transplants – how does the new menu compare to your beloved Pollo Tropical? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Miami Food Machine Truck (formerly Bongo Brothers), Mondays on Park & 50th


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