A Look At Cuban-Fusion Tacos From Rebranded Miami Food Machine Truck

A while back, Bongo Brothers renamed its truck the Miami Food Machine and got a totally different look. The previous incarnation was all meat, all the time, in the form of sandwiches, a burger and plates with rice and beans.

Plates with rice and beans are still on offer, but now you can get sliders and tacos and there’s tofu on the menu. I decided to try some Cuban fusion tacos (in your face Korean fusion!). 

You can order the tacos ($3.25) or sliders ($3.50) singly or get three for a reduced price ($8 and $9 respectively).

You’re allowed to mix and match your proteins so I got (from left to right) ginger mojo tofu, South Beach chicken, and roasted pork.

The chicken was my favorite of the bunch, with pullled meat coated with seasoning and topped with avocado spread, cotija cheese, pineapple salsa and some iceberg lettuce. The tofu was of the soft variety and had been marinated in a sweet, gingery sauce and topped with pickled red cabbage. The pulled pork had a thin BBQ sauce and more of that pickled cabbage. I had chosen the habanero as my sauce and was happy they put it on with a restrained hand as it was fairly spicy.

The only problem with an otherwise tasty meal was that it did not fill me up as I feel an $8 lunch should. Yes, the tortillas are doubled which adds some heft but these are not the overstuffed tacos you may be wishing for. Perhaps spending an extra buck and getting the sliders or a platter would serve you better if you’re really hungry.

Miami Food Machine Truck (formerly Bongo Brothers), Tuesdays at Old Slip & Water St.; Fridays in Soho


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