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A Look At Cuban-Fusion Tacos From Rebranded Miami Food Machine Truck

A while back, Bongo Brothers renamed its truck the Miami Food Machine and got a totally different look. The previous incarnation was all meat, all the time, in the form of sandwiches, a burger and plates with rice and beans.

Plates with rice and beans are still on offer, but now you can get sliders and tacos and there’s tofu on the menu. I decided to try some Cuban fusion tacos (in your face Korean fusion!).  Read more »

Bongo Brothers Launches A Summer Menu

bongo menu
Yesterday, Bongo Brothers Truck celebrated a year on the road with a raffle and also unveiled its summer menu. It’s a little bit simpler than the regular menu that included a frita and you can now get any of the meats in slider form for $3.50 which is half the price of the $7 sandwiches. This menu confirms that this truck is really for the carnivores, and now we can all get ready for swimsuit season with a Cubano. They’re also conveniently parked at Old Slip & Water today.

Bongo Brothers’ Frita Crams Two Types Of Meat Into One Giant Patty

I can’t say I’ve ever actively searched for a way to combine chorizo and ground beef into one delicious lunch, but when I saw the frita on the menu at the Bongo Brothers truck (which is at Old Slip & Water today), I knew it must be mine. This monster melds those two types of meat into a patty, and showers them with those shoestring potatoes that come in a can and sauteed onions and then adds some ketchup so you don’t have to. This all sounded marvelous, but how would it taste? Was this going to be too much meaty goodness to handle?

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Bongo Brothers Is A Meaty Addition To The Downtown Truck Scene

A couple of weeks ago the Bongo Brothers truck deviated from its normal parking spots in the Flatiron and other areas and came down to the Financial District. Now it seems they’re parking down here once a week so I thought I’d go try some of their food since we’re not exactly brimming with Cuban options, mobile or not. In fact, ever since the Qba Cuban Kitchen truck went back to New Jersey permanently, we’ve had to make do with Sophie’s or the odd generic deli that sells pernil. While I’m no Cuban food expert, I was pretty happy I went out of my way to eat here.  Read more »