Bongo Brothers Re-Brands As Miami Food Machine


While we didn’t see much of Bongo Brothers in Midtown, we sure enjoyed their food downtown and in the Flatiron. Word came from Twitter this week that the brothers have re-branded their truck and will be selling Miami-style food (so, still Cuban?) from a flashy truck. They’ll be launching Miami Food Machine today in the Financial District and one of the owners told me they hope to come to Midtown East on Monday. The menu has also changed quite a bit. No more Cuban sandwiches or ropa viejo. Now it looks as though they’ll be following the same format as 80% of the food trucks on the streets by offering their versions of tacos, sliders, and bowls. The new menu can be viewed on their website here and they have a new Twitter feed here.


  • so they change their name to a city that’s known for their great cuban food and get rid of the cuban food on the menu. that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    • Look out! The rhythm is gonna get you!

    • Actually had a chance to stop by there today for lunch, had the Bowl with Roasted Pork in a Guava BBQ Sauce. It came with White Rice, Cuban Black Beans and Maduros. Honestly it was pretty good. I’ve ate at the Bongo Brothers Food Truck before, it looks like they are doing the same thing but with a few extra elements in each dish and instead of having Sandwiches they replaced that with Tacos and Sliders. I asked them what happened to there Cuban Sandwich and Ropa Viega and the guy in the window said they are going to be doing weekly specials from there old menu. Other then that, pretty good experience.

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