Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck Serving Paczki Soon

Last week we were thrilled to try the new truck on the block: The Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck. Though their menu has started off pretty simple with pierogies and kielbasa, word on the street is that they’re starting to serve paczki on Wednesday! (Turns out the truck had to undergo maintenance so they’re not out today.) However, questions you may have are 1) what’s a “paczki” and 2) how do I even pronounce this word?

Well, a paczki is simply a Polish donut with a sweet filling, such as plum jam, or the ultimate traditional filling: rose jam. And, paczki (the plural of paczek) is pronounced “punch-key.” You can thank the Internet for schooling us on this one.

Last Wednesday the truck was parked on 51st and Park, but you’ll want to check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to confirm before heading out.

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