Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Food Truck Hits Midtown

A new Polish truck hit the streets of Midtown this week and Lunch’er Alexa was kind enough to send along this pretty detailed report…

I’m so glad it was sunny yesterday, because it forced me to take a walk outside of my office building and run straight into whiffs of delicious pierogies and kielbasa coming from a new truck I’d never seen before: the Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Food Truck. Parked at the northwest corner of 51st and Park, this homey looking truck, painted as if I were visiting my long lost old Polish grandmother’s wooden cottage, offers a simple menu of potato & cheese pierogies, meat pierogies, grilled kielbasa, and pretty much any combination of them all for $10 and under.

I opted for a small order of boiled potato & cheese pierogies served with grilled onions ($8 for 7 pieces). The two men serving me from the truck were really friendly and even gave me an extra meat pierogi to try. As a resident of Greenpoint, I was happy to say that these pierogies could go head to head with my favorite Polish joint, Lomyznianka. Both the meat and potato & cheese pierogies are plump, filled to the brim, and taste fresh and homemade. The potato & cheese pierogies offer a pleasant balance of both potato and cheese.

My only regret is that the pierogies did not come with sour cream, which is how I usually eat them. And, of course, I could get these pierogies a lot cheaper near my apartment in Brooklyn, but I will gladly pay $1.50 extra to have them hot and fresh right outside my office window.

Additionally, the truck offers a great selection of Polish juices. For $2, I purchased the apple mint juice, which was really refreshing to drink with the pierogies, and tasted like something along the lines of an apple-based lemonade. I was told that there was also a raspberry mint juice that was popular, and I thought I saw what looked like a watermelon mint juice, so there’s quite a selection to try.

I’m looking forward to ordering the grilled kielbasa the next time Old Traditional Polish Cuisine truck makes its way to Midtown East, and hope they will continue to add more old traditional Polish specialties to the menu!

The + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • The cart lives up to its name – it’s traditional and authentic
  • It’s the only Polish joint in Midtown East and it’s delicious
  • Interesting and refreshing juices to water it all down with

The – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • $8 for 7 pierogies, $10 for 9 pierogies
  • No sour cream served with the pierogies
  • Only two kinds of pierogies, hoping they add more!

Old Traditional Polish Cuisine, Follow them on Twitter @PolishCuisine


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