Jamaican Dutchy Leaving Manhattan For Good?

Jamaican Dutchy has had a tough couple of years.  After upgrading to a truck and moving their cart Downtown, the Dutchy had trouble parking in their old spot on 51st and 6th. They moved to 52nd, and then to Midtown East. There were rumors he was selling his cart, and then at the end of last year- boom.  He was back on 51st and 6th 7th. But if you believe Facebook, it looks like the run has come to an end. The Dutchy Facebook page posted that they will be leaving Manhattan for good.  No word yet on if they plan on popping up somewhere else, or if they’re just closing the business down- but either way it’s sad day for Midtown Lunchers.   Thanks to Lunch’er Jill for the tip.


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