Jamaican Dutchy Cart is Officially Back in Action


We noted last week that the Jamaican Dutchy tweeted that the original cart would be back in its old spot. And it’s true! The flat screen TV is MIA, but the Jamaican flag still waves proudly in the air and the menu is the same. O’Neil will continue to operate the truck on 43rd and Sixth, while Jillian (who has been working with O’Neil since the good ol’ days) will man the cart.

Jillian was the one who operated R. Retha’s Food last year in the Financial District. She told me the DOH forced them to close because of a licensing issue with one of their employees. But the cart is now back and will be open in its old spot on 51st near 7th Avenue Monday – Wednesday and then will head over to 52nd Street between 5th and 6th on Thursdays and Fridays. What a nice gift for Christmas!


  • Last time I called them up, they had a truck parked on turd and for tee turd (encrypted in a vain attempt to confuse the popos), flat screen tv and all. Passed by the other day and they were still there. Not sure if outing them now will cause them to move, since we know how stalkery the meter maids can be.

  • Noticed them Friday afternoon across from my building’s side entrance Friday. Glad that will be a regular spot, because walking that whole one block to their original spot was getting tiring.

  • not there today!

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