Is Jamaican Dutchy Back to Its Old Spot Today?

I noticed a tweet yesterday from the Jamaican Dutchy saying they’d be at 51st and Seventh Avenue this morning. You may remember this was the original spot for the cart, but when O’Neil upgraded to a truck he¬†was forced to find a different location on the east side. The cart itself has had a difficult time since then. First, it was re-incarnated as R. Retha’s Food downtown, then it was shut down by the DOH, and more recently put on the market.

The tweet yesterday mentions a “food card,” which I imagine is a typo for food cart.¬†Perhaps the cart couldn’t sell and it’s back in action again. We have not been able to confirm specifics with O’Neil yet but the tweet sounds very promising that maybe we can get a taste of the good old days once again… if anybody hits it up today, report back in the comments.


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    I can definitely confirm that they are back in their old spot today as I walked by them on my way into work and had to do a double take. Not sure if its the same guys though or not.

  • They are there again today. Curry chicken is still delicious ! Will try the stew chicken tomorrow if they are still there ! Different people working the cart and the cart is a little bare looking….leaving you wondering if they are serving the full menu but they seem to be !

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