Despite Parking Problems for Jamaican Dutchy Truck, New Menu Items Coming Soon

Jamaican Dutchy Exterior 1

The other week we reported some changes in the Jamaican Dutchy empire were afoot – namely that the old cart would be moving downtown, and that they would be rolling out a brand new food truck to take its place. The new truck made its debut on Tuesday, and just like any other food truck, they’ve already run into their share of problems.

Jamaican Dutchy Exterior 2

I caught up with O’Neill yesterday, who was hard at work in his brand spankin’ new truck on 51st & 7th (on the west side of the avenue). He mentioned that one of the businesses had called the police when he tried to park there on Tuesday, prompting him to look for a new parking spot. However, he mentioned that he was negotiating with some of the businesses to let him park near his old spot on the east side of 7th avenue on a permanent basis. Given that he’s occupied that corner for years, I would hope and expect that the businesses and police show him some leniency.

Since the truck’s kitchen is much more spacious than the cart, he also mentioned that he would start adding on new menu items once things settle down and his new helpers are trained. We’ll check back to see if he’s able to resolve his parking issues, and of course to try the dishes. In the meantime, we wish him the best of luck making things work in the new truck.

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