You Get A Pile Of Food At The Jamaican Dutchy Cart

When the Jamaican Dutchy cart migrated down to the Financial District from midtown I was a little surprised because this neighborhood used to be a lunch dead zone. That’s changed and we now can boast three Caribbean carts serving roti and various meats over rice and peas. And judging by the lines, those working in the land of chain lunch spots are happy to have another cart option. I stopped by to try their jerk chicken, which I think is a good measure of any Jamaican cart. There wasn’t a line when I got to the Dutchy, but the two people working inside were busy. While I waited I enjoyed some sort of Caribbean music being played on the large flat screen TV on the front of the cart, and tried to imagine I was on an island and not standing on the sidewalk across from Delmonico’s.

I gave my order of jerk chicken after a few minutes of island time waiting. And then I was asked not what size I wanted, but “You want 6, 8 or 10?” meaning dollars. I went for the middle number and then waited a bit more for food.

Then I was handed a brick of food and carried it to a nearby bench to see what was in this thing. As you can see it contained three kinds of carbs: Rice and peas with a few huge beans on top, pasta and a couple of slices of plantain. There were also four or five pieces of chicken and some veg. My mind was reeling with the question of how much food you get for $10. An entire chicken?

The chicken was a bit different than I’m used to in that it wasn’t dry but the jerk was put on in a sauce. Despite that it still tasted of charcoal and was delicious. I also liked that without my asking they dumped some of the jerk sauce over the rice which always helps keep it from being dry.

As reader hungrymatt suggested, a jerk chicken-palooza might have to take place with Jamaican Dutchy, Veronica’s Kitchen and Trinidad & Tobago carts going head to head.

Jamaican Dutchy Cart, corner of William & Beaver streets, (347) 238-0556



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