Blue Flowers Cafe Will Reopen in March

A concerned Midtown Luncher wrote to us last week mentioning that another great bagel place, Blue Flowers Cafe, looked like it was being completely gutted. Was Blue Flowers Cafe done for like Times Square Hot Bagel and Vic’s Bagel Bar? When we stopped by to investigate, we noticed a sign saying the *new* Blue Flowers Cafe will be coming in March. Crisis averted. Although we haven’t posted much about this cafe in the past, perhaps its renovation is a good excuse to explore further…

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  • Blue Flowers is indeed gone forever. The brown paper has come down, and it look like yet another VERY brightly lit generic deli with various stations. I forget the new name, but it was NOT Blue Flowers. It doesn’t look good for the return of midtown’s best bagels (and bagelman).

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