Bann Next Door Says Today is Last Day For Korean Tacos

Spicy pork daeji bulgogi @ Bann Next DoorIf you’re looking to get your Korean taco fix at Bann Next Door this week and onwards, you’ll want to look elsewhere. The Midtown West Korean restaurant will no longer be carrying those Korean tacos that we loved. The restaurant wrote to us and explained that they’re trying to create more cohesion between Bann Next Door and the parent restaurant, and getting rid of fusion items such as sliders, tortillas, and salsa. However, they’ll be adding katsu (chicken, shrimp, pork) to bolster the menu. We’ll miss those tacos, but luckily you can still other takes on Korean tacos today at Korilla or The Seoul Food Truck, both of which park in Midtown regularly. However, be sure to check the twitter tracker before heading out.

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