Clarke’s Standard to Open Tomorrow on Lex, And Here’s the Menu

Clarke's Standard

Back in November we heard that the Goodburger on 54th & Lex would be replaced by P.J. Clarke’s spin-off, Clarke’s Standard (Lex+54th), and thanks to a tip from our friends over at Wined & Dined it looks like it’s opening tomorrow. They also sent us a sneak peek of the menu, which goes beyond the burgers P.J. Clarke’s is famous for with new things like hot dogs and cheesy tots! And the best part is, the prices aren’t terrible.  Check it out after the jump…

Clarke's Standard Menu (menu courtesy of Wined & Dined)

Regulars of P.J. Clarke’s will immediately notice a few of the same menu options found a block away, but also entirely new items like the Brooklyn Au Poivre or the chili cheese fries, or the entirely new option of hot dogs. There has been no word yet on the size of the burgers which will of course be the key to whether or not one will be able to have a satisfying lunch for under $10.  See you tomorrow?  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Clarke’s Standard, 636 Lexington Ave. (at 54th St.)


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  • I am so glad burger places are starting to add sweet potato fries to their menus…can’t wait until I try. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Mr Slate claims to know nothing about all the interest in rock-crushing equipment

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    Damn…. Itried to go yesterday just to see if it was open yet….. I could see the menus on the wall but not at a good enough angle to read them.

  • Not a shitshow today though the line seemed foreboding, snaking from just inside the door to the registers. About ten minutes from lining up to ordering (with easily 25 people ahead of me), a little longer than that to retrieve my burger (Brooklyn Au Poivre) and cheese fries. So about par for the course if you frequent a Five Guys.

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    Tried it yesterday…. I assume the burger would be pretty good, but decided to try the chili cheese dog since I haven’t been able find a decent one in midtown. Unfortunately, I stll can’t…. (the menu lies advertizing shredded cheddar when you get some kind of F—in whiz) the dog itself is good, but his is not the kind of chili that goes on a dog (though not bad) and the bread is good, but no where near worth the money.

    The cheesy tater tots were good, until I realized I paid about $0.75/per tot.

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    I’m a big fan of the Cadillac at Clarke’s proper, so my lunch at Clarke’s Standard today was a huge disappointment. The burger itself was ok, flavorful and cooked properly..and the bun IS outstanding.. but they got my buddy’s temperature very wrong and my burger order wrong (they added unrequested peppers/onions.) The french fries are tragic; the menu says shoestring, the cashier says they are “hand-cut”, they are actually frozen and crap. Nicely seasoned with salt and pepper, but still crap.

    Unless these guys step up their game, I can’t see this place making it.

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