P.J. Clarke’s Is Not a Midtown Lunch (But They Make a Damn Good Burger)

P.J. Clarke's

As soon as I sat down for lunch at P.J. Clarke’s (on 3rd Ave. & 55th) and looked at the menu, I prayed that I wouldn’t bump into anybody I knew.  Looking around at all the blue button up shirts with ties I realized that probably wouldn’t be an issue. Is this how the other half lives?  Amazing.  If you get to go out to fancy work lunches like P.J. Clarke’s on a regular basis, consider yourself lucky.  I never go, unless I’m invited by pizza and hamburger king Adam Kuban.  He immediately pointed out that I could get a hamburger for $8.90 (under the $10 price range.)  No cheese though, and no fries either (of course.) Not really much of a deal, so P.J. Clarke’s gets disqualified from being an official Midtown Lunch. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you that the burger is pretty damn tasty (you may say the secret ingredient is salt.)

Read Adam’s full review on A Hamburger Today…


  • I think the cheese add was 95¢. So you could upgrade your burger and still come in 15¢ below the $10 price cap. You’d have to drink water, and you’d have to stiff the waitress on the tip.

  • Bacon cheeseburger there is one of the best burgers in the city.

  • caesar salad to split
    bacon cheeseburger
    side of potatoes

    done it probably 15x for lunch over the years. always delicious

  • Now that my husband has seen your face, Zach, you can be sure he will chime in soon with commentary, suggestions, and near-obligatory male affection. Worry not, he is a very good kisser, having practiced for days on end on his blow-up doll (which he calls “Elizabeth”, and bought used at a 10% discount, if such things inflate you)

  • See Zach’s mad Joe Pesci eyes?

    ‘…. you ‘tink im funny?….what way?..you think zen burger is funny?….what way do you think me eatin a fookin zen burger is funny?’

  • Zach, you look like a serial killer in that pic.

  • Were you in One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest?

  • They’re turning on you Zach!! You knew it would happen!!

    Lousy turncoats ;-)

  • Now I know zach’s face…..wait a sec! Hey! that the m-fker that pushed me down at ho-yip when they brought out fresh general tsos for the buffet!

  • All these years Zach has been describing himself as a “fat man,” and it turns out it was LIES!

  • lol Sarah the first time I met Zach, I had to refrain from saying “I thought you said you were FAT, dude”. I should have known; growing up with um, larger than usual men in the house, I should have known that people who are actually fat rarely call themselves fat frequently.

  • I wasn’t at all impressed with the burger. Fairly standard. Actually a bit dry and on a generic hamburger roll. The $5 extra for fries seemed a bit excessive. The waitress pretty much ignored us, seeing as how we weren’t in suits. I’m really starting to think people in NY have no idea what a good burger is.

  • The best part of lunch here was the hostess ;)

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