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P.J. Clarke’s Is Not a Midtown Lunch (But They Make a Damn Good Burger)

P.J. Clarke's

As soon as I sat down for lunch at P.J. Clarke’s (on 3rd Ave. & 55th) and looked at the menu, I prayed that I wouldn’t bump into anybody I knew.  Looking around at all the blue button up shirts with ties I realized that probably wouldn’t be an issue. Is this how the other half lives?  Amazing.  If you get to go out to fancy work lunches like P.J. Clarke’s on a regular basis, consider yourself lucky.  I never go, unless I’m invited by pizza and hamburger king Adam Kuban.  He immediately pointed out that I could get a hamburger for $8.90 (under the $10 price range.)  No cheese though, and no fries either (of course.) Not really much of a deal, so P.J. Clarke’s gets disqualified from being an official Midtown Lunch. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you that the burger is pretty damn tasty (you may say the secret ingredient is salt.)

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