Clarke’s Standard to Replace 54th and Lex Goodburger

Several Midtown Lunchers have noted in posts and by contacting us directly, that the Goodburger on 54th and Lex has closed. According to the New York Times, Phil Scotti, owner of the prolific P.J. Clarke’s bar/restaurant chain (which serves a damn good but somewhat expensive burger) will be opening a spinoff called Clarke’s Standard in this Northeast Midtown locale. The Times reports more burgers will be served, along with chili, sandwiches, and ice cream in Dixie Cups (we’re guessing the kind you eat with the tiny wooden spatulas). When the ML Team went by to check it out, the remnants of Goodburger’s sign were still visible, while the window clearly signaled Clarke’s Standard impending presence… we’re movin’ in! We asked someone working on the renovation when they’ll be open. He expected if not by the end of the year, then early 2013.


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