And the Vendy Award Rookie Nominees Are In…

chinese mirch truck

The Vendys are T-minus four days away. We’re already pumped for the Dessert and Vendy Cup categories and today we have the official announcement of the Rookie of the Year nominees. This year one of these will go down in history with previous winners Korilla BBQ and Souvlaki GR. And three of the five nominated vendors are Midtown regulars.

Phil’s Steaks and Okadaman have found a dedicated following in just the last few months with their philly cheesesteaks and Japanese bar food, respectively. Chinese Mirch has taken Chinese-Indian fusion to the street and scored with their Tibetan momos. The final two nominees hang downtown on a regular basis, but maybe we can soon convince them to re-locate to above 32nd Street. Morocho specializes in Peruvian-fusion food like lomo saltado tacos and Latin American burgers, while Cambobian Cuisine Torsu has appeared in the Flatiron and is rather self-explanatory. UPDATE: We just found out that there was one more nominee!  Congrats to Fun Buns, Bian Dang’s new Asian buns cart.  They too will compete for the Rookie prize this weekend.  So I guess that makes 4 of 6 that spend time in Midtown!

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, maybe the promise of tastings from these five vendors will seal the deal. Not to mention special events for Early Entry ticket holders featuring the likes of Zach, Blondie, Brownie, and myself. What are you waiting for? Click here now.

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