Spoiler: Did Twitter Leak a Vendy Awards Nominee?

If you’ve been following the Vendy Awards as long as we have than you know that every year they film videos to announce all the nominees.  In 2007 the video got posted to YouTube a little bit early, but since then the Vendys have been pretty diligent about keeping the nominees under wraps until the official announcement.  But the videos have to be filmed, and occasionally word will leak out early (sometimes even by the vendors themselves!)  Well we can’t confirm it officially, but it looks like something like that might have happened today in Midtown…

Liza de Guia, the founder of Food Curated and the person who filmed the videos in 2010, tweeted this photo earlier today from a Midtown street meat vendor.  She didn’t mention anything about the Vendys in the tweet, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that they were recording nominee videos today since nominations closed 3 weeks ago and the event is just a month away.  The photo, plus the “mom’s homemade white sauce” comment gives us a pretty good idea of who the potential/alleged Midtown nominee is but we wouldn’t want to anger the Vendys spoil the surprise by saying who we think it is.  However if you you have a guess, feel free to spoil fire away in the comments!

And if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for the event itself (September 15th 12:30pm to 5pm on Governor’s Island) they’re on sale now and always sell out.


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