JUST IN: 2007 Vendy Award Finalists Announced!

The official announcement is coming on Monday morning- but for you…

And the nominees are:

  • NY Dosas (W. 4th St. & Sullivan, Washing Sq. Park)
  • Kwik Meal (6th Ave. & 45th St., Midtown)
  • Super Tacos (96th & Broadway, Manhattan)
  • King Falafel & Schwarma (30th & Broadway, Queens)
  • Veronica’s Kitchen (Front St. & Pine, Downtown)

I thought for sure this was going to be the year of the Jamaican Dutchy… but it’s ok.  Midtown is very well represented by Muhammed Rahman and the Kwik Meal Cart, who we profiled a few weeks ago.

Support the Street Vendor Project by attending the Vendy Awards which will take place on September 29th @ Tomkins Sq. Park from 3-8pm.  Get more info at http://streetvendor.org/vendies.html 


  • Love me some Kwik Meal, but those Dosas are hard to beat…

  • That’s my Astoria Falafel guy. Freddy is the best. Not only is his chicken amazing, but he is a wonderful member of the Astoria community. He knows all of the neighborhood kids and give all of the ladies a falafel ball while they wait for thier dinner. Such a sweetie. I know we all love the midtowners, but please support Freddy!

  • Freddie!!!! Freddie!!!! Best Chicken in NYC.

  • SUPER TACO! Anyone who lives anywhere near the UWS and enjoys good authentic mexican and/or street food needs to check out super taco. The tacos and the tostadas (all $2) are the best with every kind of filling you could want (chorizo, carnitas, beef, steak, pork, chicken, etc). They also have tamales, tortas, quesadillas and other nightly specials, everything is high quality and authentic. The truck is just west of broadway on 96th, st, right near the subway. Its open late and obviously quick & cheap. CHECk IT OUT!

  • Dosa guy is the best.

    While I like Quik Meal, I feel like I come out of there paying $8 bucks and get a really small portion size. That just doesn’t feel right when you’re getting food from a street cart.

  • jamacian dutchy gave me the worst quality chicken i have ever put in my body. also, chew carefully as there are many bone fragments in the meat.

  • I’m sad I’m going to miss this – don’t engaged couples understand the need for vendor cart food? Damn weddings.

  • Dude, I’m happy that super tacos made the list. I was just back there last night and there are so many people there that I had to wait 15 mins for 2 tacos. I love this truck!!!


  • I am so excited for King Falefel!!! I live in Woodside now but those guys used to be my FAVORITE when I lived in Astoria. I went to the vendy awards website and they are not on the nominations page though….I’m confused…. am I just not seeing it?

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