I-Crepe is Bringing Hot Dog Crepes and Mango Samosas (!?) to Midtown

A new crepe shop has appeared next to Schnitzel Express on 39th street. I-Crepe looks more like an internet cafe than an eating establishment, with iPads set up on desks in rows in the interior. Apparently you can use those iPads to order, or go up to the counter. I passed by on my way to work, and they didn’t appear open yet, but based on the posters in the window, I’m intrigued by the bizarre range of options.

The I-Mango Samosa appears in the picture as mango crepe folded to look like a samosa. I’m totally game to try this one, and I’m really hoping for some Indian spices in the filling as well!

I dunno about you, but I’m skeptical about the hot dog crepe. Anyone tried it? Early adopters, let us know your thoughts, and thanks to Lunch’er Cardy for the tip!

I-Crepes, 1410 Broadway (on 39th btw. B’way+6th), 212-840-1112


  • $9+tax for mango in a crepe? in this economy?

  • From the photos, this place doesn’t look very appetizing at all.

  • I’m amused the samosas are “so fresh”, but they couldn’t bring themselves to say that about the hot dog.

  • Call me when they do a fried chicken crepe…or at least a spam crepe to offset those hot dogs.

    Those are samosas? SMH.

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    Hi Guys, I just went to take breakfast , today for opening is free breakfast . i took a I-western ( everyhting is I something) very delicious it’s an omelette with onion, ham into a buckwheat galet.

    On each place you can order and pay on IPads , then you can use somes apps ( temple run for me) Trip advisor, Flipboard or safari, I cannot see any videos or music seems blocked. I have also my phone and there is a free Wifi access. It’s very original , it’s look like apple store with restaurant. This morning there was many people inside. The owner ( blonde girl) told me for lunch and dinner this week , buy one salted and get free one sweet. Try to come back for test Mango samosa and chicken ceasar. ( it’s seems many things are organic like the buckwheat, eggs) .


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    we all aprreciate your Shill… I especially like how you pretend not to know the owner or as you say “blonde girl”

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    Dear Mike, she speaks in French not me and some english word , I just wrote, she was blonde what’s up, go there and you will see here by yourself.

  • I’ve never seen Hot Dog Crepes nor Mango Crepes in all of my travels in France. Not very authentic and probably way overpriced. Plain butter and sugar or Nutella is more like it.

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    They were giving out free breakfast to anyone who works at 1410 Broadway (there is an entrance to it inside the office building).

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