Because Midtown Needs Another Hale & Hearty?

I walked by this storefront-in-progress in the middle of Friday’s heat wave and burst out laughing. I mean … I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted less at that exact moment. We on this blog are not huge fans of Hale & Hearty (I fell for a completely underwhelming “Thai” chicken soup some months ago), but if you are, a new shop is under construction on 40th street between 7th and 8th avenues.

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    Heh, I had the same reaction when I walked past the sign last week.

    Two other places I noticed coming soon to the area that are slightly more interesting: Pie Face on 7th Ave btw 35th & 36th (replacing Guy & Gallard) and a Crepe store 39th St btw Bway & 6th Ave (next door to Schnitzel Express).

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