Morris Truck Becomes First Food Truck to Receive Slow Food’s Snail of Approval

I know we’ve got a lot of tried-and-true street meat lovers out there, but for any of you who happen to dabble in the locally-grown food movement, you might be interested to know that Morris Truck has received a Snail of Approval from Slow Food NYC. This means that Morris truck is the first food truck in NYC to be nominated and approved for the Snail of Approval. According to their website, Slow Food NYC awards the Snail of Approval “to those producers, purveyors and artisans who contribute to the quality, authenticity and sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink in the City of New York”. (Pizza Motto, and a flatbed trailer with a brick pizza oven that caters rather than serves regular meals, and sometimes shows up at Brooklyn Flea, is the only comparable business I can find with the approval.)

According to Morris Truck, who has gotten some attention from my fellow bloggers in Midtown, all of their shopping is done at greenmarkets, and the cheese is 80% locally sourced and almost all domestic.


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