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Morris Truck Really Knows How To Crisp A Grilled Cheese

I thought this city had reached a threshold for the number of grilled cheese trucks it could support, but I was wrong. Morris Grilled Cheese truck’s been on the streets for a while, but only recently became familiar to Downtown Lunch’ers by making weekly stops in the Financial District on Mondays and the World Financial Center food truck lot Fridays. (The truck happens to be at the Lent Space lot today). They have some interesting concoctions involving cheese, meat and fancy things like ramp butter along with housemade sodas and cold brew coffee. This is probably the most hipster of the grilled cheese trucks.

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Morris Truck Brings Us More Varieties Of Grilled Cheese

The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck has been on the streets for a while, but remained outside Midtown Lunch: Downtown radar because they never really parked down here. Last week they made an appearance at the World Financial Center food truck lot and yesterday they were parked in the Financial District and there was no line as people opted for indoor lunch destinations on account of the rain. I stopped by to check out the menu, which you can see after the jump.

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