Morris Truck’s Raclette Grilled Cheese is Worth the $7

Morris Grilled Cheese

I don’t know why fancy grilled cheese is the new pie cupcake, but three grilled cheese trucks officially makes a trend. I’ve had my eye out for Morris Grilled Cheese since word on the street was they’re doing some fantastic things, and on the cheaper side. Also, they have duck fat! When they got a good review from Brian, I doubled my efforts to meet them at their usual Thursday spot on Park and 52nd. I was pleasantly surprised to find quite the crowd in front of the truck during lunch (gotta support!), and after a quick look at the menu, I chose to go with their Raclette sandwich.

Raclette Sandwich

Raclette is a milder semi-hard cow’s milk cheese excellent for melting, so I knew this was going to be good. The sandwich comes with pickled fennel stuffed in with the cheese between big slices of multigrain bread. I was in salty love; the cheese is fully melted, the fennel adds a nice crunch and tangy flavor, and the whole sandwich left me pretty satiated for a while. The sandwich is $7, but I consider this a decent price since Raclette does retail for around $15 a pound. You’re not going to get anything close to this good at your local deli with its sliced American cheese food on white bread.

The truck should be on 51st and Park today, but be sure to check their Twitter (@morristruck) or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


  • Are the portions small?

  • YES! This place BLOWS! I had the muffallatta Grill cheese a couple weeks ago! 9 bucks! It was shit! I was a fool. Don’t follow my lead….This grill cheese truck, like all the others, is totally overpriced and a ripoff! A grill cheese should not be more than 6 bucks EVER!!! NO MATTER WHAT! I don’t care what kind of cheese or bread they use. 6 bucks. MAX.

  • 6 bucks max? No, a grilled cheese sandwich shouldn’t ever be made by a stranger outside one’s house. For real.

    • Agreed! Silly to overpay for something so easy to make from inexpensive ingredients. Heck, a quarter pound of cheese would easily make 2-3 massive GCs that would dwarf this nibble.

      If you are a GC fan, I reiterate my best GC rec: The Giant Grilled Cheese at La Cheile, a bit out of the way at 181st ST, 2 blocks downhill from the A-train stop. The A-train runs express, at least. This thing is huge, more-than-delicious, and well under $10 (I think it’s $8). It is really a meal for 2.

      • A quarter-pound of cheese makes three “massive” grilled cheeses? I do not think this word means what you think it means.

  • @Exposure: I agree. But sometimes, if you’re not at home and on vacation, a grill cheese is still desired….

  • I agree that it’s a bit overpriced, but I got the Raclette today anyway and it was pretty darn tasty. I wasn’t crazy hungry, so it did it’s job. So if anyone has a craving, but isn’t exactly super hungry, I recommend this spot.

    However, DO NOT order their tomato soup…the small is $2 and the large is $4 and the people in front of me got one of each…the “large” came out first and I thought it was the small. And the small came out after and it seriously is the size of the small plastic ketchup containers that you get a Five Guys or Burger King. Ridiculous

  • I sense the ghost of mkim haunting this post…

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