Morris Truck Sells More Fancy Grilled Cheese From the Street

Last week, we got an email from reader Edward letting us know that the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck (which has been quietly roaming the streets for the last few months) made their first Midtown appearance on Thursday. They grew out of a stand at the New Amsterdam Market and are certainly not the only ones selling artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches from a fancy truck. I got to try two of their sandwiches this week and was impressed by their innovative menu. Ultimately, it’s still just cheese and fillings between bread, but so far I think these guys give you the most bang for your buck.

The truck is not much to look at – it’s completely white with no fancy logos or designs and the menu is written in black marker. I’m not sure if they’re going for minimalism here, but it’s pretty easy to walk by and mistake this for a mail truck or something.

Their menu consisted of unusual ingredients like pickled pumpkin, sunchoke hummus, and spicy bean purée. And the only sandwich that reaches the ML limit of $10 contains black truffle butter. I think that’s still a pretty good price for a high end ingredient like truffles, but now that we have lobster and truffles from a truck, caviar and foie gras can’t be far behind (with a much heftier price tag, I’m sure).

The most amazing thing on the menu was not the fluffernutter dessert or the tomato bisque soup, but the possibility of adding duck fat to any sandwich for $1 extra. That’s pretty incredible if you ask me! I considered getting the duck fat addition, but I wanted to try their concoctions the way they serve them the first time before covering everything up with delicious duck fat. That’ll happen down the line I’m sure.

I couldn’t resist the Delicate Cheese, which had truffle cheese, truffle butter, and caramelized shallots. When I pulled the bread apart the wonderful earthy aromas of truffles hit my face and I immediately dug in. The bread was grilled perfectly – it was golden brown and crispy. The sandwich had a wonderful richness to it that was complemented with the sweetness of the shallots. It was filling and a decent size.

The Corned Beef on Rye was essentially a reuben, but Irish white cheddar stood in for swiss cheese and instead of sauerkraut they use large chunks of pickled Napa Cabbage. I could have used a few more slices of  the corned beef, but the quality was good and the meat tender. The sharp cheese worked nicely against the tangy, crisp cabbage. And again, the bread was toasty with a firm crunch that gave way to a gooey mess of deliciousness.

They also offer chips and a few rotating specials (the Smoked Pork sandwich was really tempting!) – with no single menu item costing more than $10 (which is becoming more and more rare from food trucks these days). I know we all agree that grilled cheese shouldn’t cost so much since we can make it easily at home, but with these ingredients and flavor combinations, I’m happy to give over my lunch money for a delicious adult version of the stuff. They plan to hit up Midtown again today, but have not announced a specific location as of yet. Follow them on Twitter or check the ML Twitter Tracker for updates.


  • The use of a few exotic adjectives and a thimbleful of frou-frou ingredients at an 800% markup will always find an audience

    It’s the same audience that buys ‘New York’ magazine and jaywalks into speeding traffic while staring at their iPhone

  • This looks completely delicious, strange ingredients and all. We’re not sure we’d be all that adventurous, but we could definitely go for a great grilled cheese!

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