Quality Cakes Returns For Round Three

More wonderful news on the ice cream front this week. Quality Cakes, that colorful bar inside high-end steakhouse Quality Meats, is back for their third summer. We’ve been huge fans of their personal-sized ice cream cakes for the last two years and I’m so happy pastry chef Cory Colton hasn’t gotten tired of making these delicious little concoctions. The flavors are similar to the ones last year, including The Monster Mash, Toasted Banana S’more, Chocolate Covered Grasshopper, and Strawberry Shortcake¬†with one new addition: The Nut & Honey (roasted pistachio cake, nougat candy ice cream, and vanilla-cherry icing).

The cakes are each $8 and well worth the dessert splurge. They’re big enough to share, but will be easy to finish solo without feeling like too much of a fatty. If you haven’t tasted these yet, I urge you to do so. If you have, than you understand my excitement. They’ll be available throughout the summer and maybe as long as October, as was the case last year.

Quality Meats, 57 W 58th Street (btw. 5th and 6th Avenue), (212) 371-7777


  • Does anyone know if they serve these if sitting down at the restaurant? Or is it only take-out?

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      It’s definitely available for dine in at the dessert bar. I think they’re on the regular dessert menu as well.

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      I had dinner in the main dining room a few weeks ago and our table ordered the toasted s’more one for dessert so you can definitely get for dine in.

      I’d highly recommend it too! I didn’t even realize they were available as take out from a separate bar. That could be dangerous for me this summer…

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    They should use larger cups for takeout. Great that the portion is large (and for $8, it ought to be), but it looks like toppings might fall off and/or it would be a mess to eat once you start digging into it.


  • Excellent flavors, very decadent. Monster Mash has some nice chunks of peanut butter and the Grasshopper is very minty.

    Definitely available “to go” and the lids do not smoosh the toppings that much at all.

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