Quality Meats’ Ice Cream Cake Sundaes Available Through the End of August

Last summer, Quality Steaks transformed their charcuterie bar into a Willy Wonka-esque ice cream cake bar. Well, they’ve done it again and this year they’ve expanded the menu to include five different ice cream cakes, including one (the Monster Mash) from last year. The new options include a Strawberry Shortcake (with yuzu-yogurt icing), a Toasted Banana S’more, and a Chocolate Covered Grasshopper.

I sampled the Spicy Mexican Coffee ice cream cake with espresso ice cream, a spicy chocolate brownie cake, and an amazing cinnamon-tamarind icing. It was garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans and a mini churro. I was blown away by the intense flavors and it was too easy to get in touch with my birthday party crashing 12 year-old self. I came close to bingeing on the entire menu.

But, alas, these cakes are $8 each which is a good deal for the quality and size, but a little out of the price range for a Midtown lunch, especially considering this is dessert! However, these are dare I say it, a great alternative to a liquor-laced Happy Hour and you can wash it all down with one of their gourmet lemonades. They’ll be available at least through the end of August.

Quality Meats, 57 W 58th Street (btw. 5th and 6th Avenue), (212) 371-7777


  • Anyone eat this to confirm it’s decadence?

  • I’m a huge fan of the Quality Meats ice cream in general…When they arent doing the cakes they do “dressed up scoops” which are also excellent. These were great last summer and definitely worth the $8. (though definitely not an everyday kind of treat like Miss Softee used to be).

  • That looks difficult to eat. The best part of a sundae is when everything starts to melt and you can get all kinds of different goo in each spoonful. This looks like more would be on the table than in my gullet.

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