Ice Cream Cake For Lunch? Quality Meats Has You Covered


For those of you who are into having desserts for lunch, I felt the need to direct your attention to the ice cream cakes being sold at Quality Meats (on 58th btw. 5+6th). They first caught my attention when I walked by and saw their shiny new DOH grade. (Nothing screams out “try me!” more than an A!) The cakes here are (a shocking) $8.72 after tax, but I suppose it could be shared with somebody else as a dessert. (Although after one bite, you might be into sharing so much.)  They give you three options: Pie Fight (lemon meringue ice cream), Cherry Monkey (pistachio cherry ice cream), and Cookie Monster Ice cream. At almost $9 it certainly isn’t for everybody… but I was totally down.


  • They’ve been doing these all summer. I tried 2 of them – the Pie Fight and the Cherry Monkey. Thoguht the Cherry Monkey was awesome – Pie Fight not so much. Granted $9 is a lot but you get a lot more than the $6 at a Grom or a Pinkberry will get you.

    If you are looking for an ice cream “bargain” though the Quality Meats Dressed Up Scoops at $6 are really excellent.

    • Cherry Monkey is the one I tried. The pistachio ice cream was spot on. Yea, $9 is a lot so it’s not an everyday meal by any means. You raise a good point that for the $9, it’s way more than what you’d get at grom a few blocks away.

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    What income bracket can enjoy a $6 scoop of ice cream? $110k and up? Ballpark figure hightemp.

    • Depends if you have an expense account

      Or in your case, how aggressively you panhandle

    • Well thats why its a “Dressed Up Scoop”. Its a large scoop with choice of sauce and whipped cream and some kind of extra. For example the “coffee and donuts” comes on a mini chocolate donut And the “banana Cream Pie” comes on a little mini banana pie/cookie thing. They are more like sundaes than scoops.

  • ohhh i want some!!!

  • cookie monster is calling my name.

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    omg! this looks like a must try. Actually, Quality Meats is on 58th between 5th and 6th. closer to 6th. Is it a dessert take out sort of scenario? like a ma peche kind of setup?

    • Its set up at the old Charcuterie bar. Its easy to take out but I dont know if they have it set up so you can transport it very far yet. When i went they put it in a very large box that worked for the most part….and it stayed quite nicely in the freezer til I wanted it after dinner (about 3 hours later)

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