Only 9 Days Left For Quality Meats’ Ice Cream Cake Sundaes

Quality Cakes' Grasshopper

When Quality Meats (58th btw 5+6th) offered up ice cream sundaes last summer, I never did get the chance to try out the fantastic looking creations. So when Brian reported that they’d come back for another month, you bet I made my way over. In the past week, I’ve managed to stop by twice, trying two different sundaes. Now I know what you’re thinking.  This has already been covered!  Why are you writing about this again?  Well… if you have any sort of decadent sweet tooth, you NEED to get over there before time runs out next Wednesday. These things are that good.

Quality Cakes' Grasshopper
On my first visit, being a lover of mint chocolate chip, I chose the Grasshopper. I hadn’t really seen a picture of what to expect inside the cup of ice cream, just shots of the toppings. Well, you get ice cream sandwiched between layers of cake-in this case rich, moist dark chocolate cake. The chocolate mousse on top is also an airy fluffy stand-out. The $8 price tag is high, but one could definitely be satisfyingly split between two people. Not that you’ll want to. You’ll want to house this entire thing as you walk down the street to the stares of suits and tourists alike. And you will enjoy every minute.

Banana Smore Ice Cream
For the second treat, I went the Toasted Banana S’more route. How can you not love a dessert that comes with an extra mini chocolate bar? It’s like a dessert prize. This one involves creamy banana ice cream sandwiched between layers of chocolate chip-filled graham cracker cake. And yes, the marshmallow topping is toasted fresh when you order. This one is good if you’re not a choco-holic, and still very enjoyable even if you are.

When you stop by, don’t be surprised if you see me there ordering yet another sundae. You have until the end of August.


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