Egg Salad and Pickles a Winning Combo at Macchiato Espresso Bar

Macchiato Last time I had a sandwich, it was the horribly messy bulgogi beef sandwich from Sarah’s Kitchen. For $7.50 it left me hungry and unsatisfied. At that same time, a coworker of mine in his office just next to my desk was eating a sandwich as well. Unlike me, he had a much better experience. He had gotten an egg salad sandwich from Macchiato Espresso Bar on 44th btw Lex+3rd. The sandwich was so filling, he couldn’t finish it. Now if I were given a choice of sandwiches, I doubt the egg salad would be my first choice but my coworker raved about it. Well I needed something delicious after eating the bulgogi beef sandwich, so I decided to follow his lead and check out the egg salad sandwich from Macchiato.


For $7.50, the egg salad sandwich was quite heavy. Besides the egg salad there were tomatoes, pickles, monterey jack and arugula in a ciabatta bread. Yes! Pickles! I love eating pickles, I love eating pickles in sandwiches but pickles and egg salad together? I can tell you that yes pickles and egg salad taste great together in a sandwich. The egg salad was light on the mayo (which was great) and creamy, while the pickles (briny and delicious) gave the whole sandwich a much needed crunch. The ciabatta bread was alright (I prefer brioche buns) but it did its job holding everything in place.

I rarely crave egg salad but after eating this sandwich, I can’t stop thinking about it (yeah it was that good). And for $7.50 this was a pretty good deal for a sandwich, a sandwich that kept me full up till dinner time. Next time I may even pick up a cookie or two to go along with the sandwich.

Macchiato Espresso Bar, 141 E 44th St (btw. Lex+3rd), 212-867-6772


  • It looks neither filling nor satisfying from that photo. But it does look delicious. That place makes phenomenal coffee too.

  • Lose the arugula and I’m in. Pickles are good on egg salad; spicy pepper relish is even better!

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    when you say your coworker “couldn’t” finish it, what does that mean? are there other factors involved? did he have a large, late breakfast? is his stomach stapled? is he, in fact, a bird?

  • I went there yesterday. “Winning Combo” is a matter of perspective. Does the sandwich taste good? Yes. Is it filling? I think so. Would I ever order it again? Probably not.

    It is a little bit of egg salad mixed with chopped up pickles, and lettuce and tomato. It was OK, but not really for me. I prefer a slop of egg salad on a bagel. No LT.

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