Macchiato’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Should Be Considered in Best Cookie Debate

Oh, the chocolate chip cookie. One influential group of people have a taste-off declaring a winner, and the matter is settled? Not so fast! I’ve never bought into the supposed “best chocolate chip cookie” stand-bys in NYC. I’m not the biggest fan of Levain’s, City Bakery appeals to those who like their cookies crispy, and flatter, and Pret’s is pretty great thanks to a warming case keeping it gooey.  But if you’re going to say “best cookie in Midtown” you should probably try all the chocolate chip cookies in Midtown, right?  (Don’t mind if we do!)  After all there are a lot of chocolate chip cookies in Midtown alone, and the half of them aren’t even given a fair chance. Like the chocolate chip from Macchiato Espresso Bar (on 44th btw 3rd+Lex), which definitely deserves a mention!

Macchiato's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Not much has changed at the Macchiato Espresso since we last visited in ’09, same sandwiches and salads, with a decent selection of freshly baked pastries. I had (look away my Joe baristas!) popped in for an afternoon latte, spotted their case of cookies, and gave into my sweet tooth. This cookie held a lot of promise. The dimensions are right for a $1.35 afternoon snack, and my first bite revealed gooey chunks made from some quality chocolate. The dough tasted more on the vanilla, white sugar side of the cookie spectrum, if that’s what you’re into. Trying to be all blogger-like, I cut my cookie in half to get a better photo.

Macchiato's Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fooled! If the chocolate chunks had better distribution, this would be one good cookie, but who wants one half sugar cookie? Not I! I suppose it depends upon the batch as to whether this happens, hopefully it won’t be the case if they ever get picked for a “Best of” list.

Macchiato Espresso Bar Revisited… For the First Time


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    If you’re looking for the extra chocolate chunks — I think I found them in an out-of-bounds chocolate chip cookie today at Little Brown, a coffee/chocolate/bake shop(?)that just opened on the UES (85th & Lex). They’re also on board with the ‘warming case’ concept. If you ever get out that way it’s definitely worth a try. And don’t “shill alert” me. I just experience a little chocolate kismet in food-barren part of town I rarely visit.

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    Oded Brenner is the owner of Little Brown. He founded Max Brenner and sold it in 2001.

  • I like the choco chip at Pret. Good gooey treat.
    The cookie at Le Pain is otay at best. More about value with the hugeness of it.

    So far, the best for me has been Levain. It’s not Midtown though.

    Above from Macchiato def. NOT chunky enough.

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