Whoa. How Do I Get A Job In This Building?

I have never been so jealous. The New York Times ran a piece on a building in Chelsea that every weekday has been bringing food trucks, like ML favorites Coolhaus and Treats Truck, into the building. And not just into the building, but — via their massive freight elevator — the trucks set up shop on the various floors! They’re calling it “the first indoor vertical food-truck court in the city.” Anyone work at 601 West 26th Street? We’re dying to hear more about it in the comments!


  • Funny you should mention it, as the company I work for just moved out of there back at the beginning of March. There’s always a different food truck parked outside the place each day as well, which is nice since the building is in walking distance of very little other than ‘witchcraft.

  • The Martha Stewart Omnimedia offices are there.

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