Pie Face Offers $1 Coffee Deal

This should make the Pie Face coffee lovers from the forums very happy: I saw this sign advertising dollar coffee with any morning purchase on my way to work this morning. Pie Face is also advertising $5 for an espresso and any pastry, if that’s more your style. Either way, these deals are great for the area — nearby morning coffee competition includes Europa, Cosi, Caffe Bene and about a zillion Starbucks, all of which are pretty pricey options and frankly not so amazing.

I went with the $1 coffee option with the purchase of a mini pear and ricotta pie. Although the coffee was small (tiny, even), I was happy with it and thrilled with the pie (although, it clearly didn’t travel well in that paper baggie). Served cold, the flaky pie crust was filled with pears, topped with ricotta and finished with a sweet glaze. Holy jeez, you guys, it was eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-your-head good. Clocking in at $4.63 including tax, my Pie Face breakfast was cheaper than my favorite Starbucks order (don’t judge me). My sugar-high and I will now go about the rest of our day!

Pie Face, 1691 Broadway (btw 53+54th), 212-247-9065

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  • It doesn’t seem to say in the store sign but does anyone have any idea what time the $1 coffee deal ends since it’s only good for a morning purchase?

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