Little Morocco Cart is Back w/ Omar Manning the Grill

Little Morocco on 39th and 7th might have the most weathered history of any street meat cart in Midtown. After a slew of disappearances, a solo venture, a robbery, and a move to Los Angeles, Omar is back working the grill. Luncher Kopper tipped us off to this exciting news last week in the Forums and I finally made it down to 39th and 7th to see for myself. Omar was as upbeat as ever and seemed happy to be back at Little Morocco with a renewed love of the city. He told me he is indeed back for good (although he plans to take a lengthy vacation this summer) and will be slinging his usual garbage plate street meat. Plus, starting today will have fish and kofta once again. This might be the best news of the year! Here’s hoping it’s an easy ride from here on out.

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