Steak And Egg Taco Is Another Win For The Eggs Travaganza Cart

Eggstravaganza Last time I ate at the Eggs Travaganza cart (which was also my first time) I really wanted the steak and egg taco. Sadly, by the time I got to the cart, they had already sold out of the tortillas to make tacos. I accepted their offer to make the steak and egg in a burrito form. While I had imagined the egg in the burrito to be at least visible, all I saw were steak and rice. I did find the burrito delicious, so the lack of eggs didn’t end up being a big deal.

On my second trip back to the cart, I made sure to go early (1 p.m.), and I was rewarded with the steak and egg taco ($4).

Ah steak and egg taco. Now this is what I was expecting to see: chunks of scrambled eggs. The taco was delicious, just like the burrito. The chunks of steak were a little tough, but they were small enough to not be a big deal. As for the eggs, they had absorbed some of the beefy flavors and were really good. I also enjoyed the crispiness of the tortillas, which added an extra crunch. $4 for a taco was a little pricey but definitely worth checking out.

I knew one taco wasn’t going to be enough, so I also got the three taco special for $7 (carne asada, chorizo and chicken). Eating the carne asada right after enjoying the steak and egg left me feeling like something was missing, but the egg definitely added extra texture and flavor to the tacos. I have to agree with Brownie that the chorizo taco was probably the best one out of the three. Also, only get four tacos if you’re REALLY hungry. I was not able to finish my lunch.

I expect to make many more trips to the Eggs Travaganza cart this season, especially because I have to get my hands on a grilled cheese with chorizo and bacon.

Eggs Travaganza Cart, NE Corner of 52nd and Park


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    I kind of like their food, but can f*cking stand their service. Three times in a row, I asked for an egg & chorizo NO CHEESE. Looked at her, looked at him and repeated myself .. no cheese. Three times in a row, I get to my desk and there is cheese on my sandwich. Why can’t people do what you ask?

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    Drop a “please” in there next time.

  • Eggstravaganza is one of my favorite lunch spots. The food is always hot and tastes home made. The steak and egg taco was good. I had the chorizo taco with it. Their chorizo is chopped up sausage (it’s different in some places). I need to get back there to try some of their other stuff.

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