Eggs Travaganza Cart Expands Lunch Offerings

Eggs Travaganza Cart

As if I needed more reasons to stalk the ML Twitter Tracker (hopefully it will be fixed soon!), this week it brought me news of several new lunch menu items from the Eggs Travaganza Cart (on 52nd and Park). These are the same folks that brought me that de-freaking-licious Bacon and Chorizo Grilled Cheese sandwich, so naturally I had to check it out.

New Lunch specials from Eggs Travaganza Cart

New lunch items include tacos–chicken, carne asada, and chorizo, burritos, and quesadillas. I’m a late luncher and by the time I hit up the cart at 1:45 yesterday they were already out of the carne asada. I scored a chicken and chorizo taco ($2.50 each) and a $5 Mexican Wrap (eggs, cheese, home fries, chorizo, pepper, onions and hot sauce).

Chicken and Chorizo tacos from the Eggs Travaganza Car

The tacos were very tasty. I hate when you order tacos and they fall apart before you have a chance to dig in. These corn tortillas held up to the ample filling. Spice fans will appreciate that the hot sauce on the tacos and Mexican wrap was on the picante side. The chicken was good, but the chorizo was even better (not surprising, since it does come from the magical beast). Light to moderate lunchers should be satisfied with two tacos as they did have a generous amount of filling. I would order these again.

Inside Mexican Wrap from the Eggs Travaganza Cart

Blondie was stuck at her desk yesterday so I brought her a Mexican wrap for lunch. The flour tortilla held up well in transit. For those of you who like breakfast for lunch, this wrap hits all the breakfast highlights (eggs: check, cheese: check, potatoes: check, meat: check– no, check plus for use of chorizo). Whenever I see eggs listed in a wrap, I just kind of assume that they will be scrambled, but these were fried “over well” with fully cooked centers. I know people can be particular about their egg preparations–in my family the “over medium” vs “over well” feud is strong, so just be aware when ordering.

I didn’t get the “Mexican Grilled Cheese” special that they tweeted about yesterday, though I was sorely tempted. From the sounds of it, the Mexican Grilled Cheese has the components of the Bacon, Tomato, and Chorizo Grilled Cheese sandwich with the addition of pickled jalapeños. When I tried their regular Bacon, Tomato, and Chorizo Grilled Cheese sandwich back in May, I said “The only thing that would have made me happier would be the addition of a pickle on the side.” I can’t wait to go back and try it with the pickled jalapeños.

You can expect more to come from Eggs Travaganza. The owner told me that he’s working on perfecting a recipe for al pastor. Here’s what I would love to see on the menu… breakfast tacos. On my one and only trip to Texas last year, I could not get enough of the cheap and tasty breakfast tacos that I encountered there and I haven’t been able to find a worthy substitute in midtown. Perhaps the Eggs Travaganza cart is up for the challenge…

Speaking of challenge… Mamacita, you up for trying Eggs Travaganza with me to see how they rate in terms of authenticity?

Eggs Travaganza Cart, NE Corner of 52nd and Park


  • all of it sounds awesome

    ladies, i’m stuck at my desk today (hint hint)

  • Great cart.

    Wish Rafiqi’s would BACK OFF from this location, especially when they have two other carts not too far from it. Probably the main reason why I think they suck – being territorial and trying to limit other/ BETTER carts from doing business.

  • Oh yeah, lets do it up! Also, I’m one of those people that LUV breakfast for lunch or dinner. Which basically means I love huevos at all times of the day.

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    Just for the record, the mexican wrap is not new. I get it for breakfast often, but sometimes they switch up the contents….instead of the potatoes, they substitute pickled jalapeños for whatever reason, and sadly, I don’t like the sandwich when they do this.

    They also sometimes switch up the flavor of the wraps they use.

    All in all, I still enjoy their food.

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    I am sure the food is every bit as good as everyone says’but I tried to get a Carne Asada right before you at about 1:15. I think there were 5 people in front of me that had already ordered. After 15 minutes of “people watching” i had to walk away with out my taco. I will try again day…famine..

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    mkim: yes, $5 in the morning for the special.

  • hehe, I love the drawing on the Eggs Travaganza special sign. Is that an egg in a sombrero and a poncho?

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    I had the special Mexican grilled cheese yesterday. It didn’t taste much different than the regular (probably because I usually get plenty of hot sauce on the regular anyway), BUT it was only $4, which makes it pretty darn special in my book.

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