Like Curry but Not the Heat? Try NY Biryani Express Cart’s Chicken Curry

NY Biryani ExpressMy recent Fahima Halal Cart post sparked some debate in the comments over chicken curry. (For the record, I tried their curry chicken and thought that it was pretty good.)┬áIn the comments, it was clear that I had to trek over to the Trini Paki Boys cart (on 43rd & 6th) for a more delicious curry chicken (according to fellow Lunch’er EaterKnievel). Though I was more curious about this comment about a “baller chicken curry” found at the cart on 45th and 3rd Ave. I knew exactly which cart that was, and I chose the shorter walk to NY Biryani Express over the trek to 6th ave. Until now, I had only tried their chicken and rice, although I guess I should try their kati roll also. But first, the curry!

NY Biryani Express
For $5.50 (50 cents less than Fahima’s curry chicken), the curry chicken from NY Biryani Express looked more like a regular chicken over rice, especially with the addition of the white and hot sauces. Unlike Fahima’s curry chicken, which is more like a curry chicken stew with a thick sauce, NY Biryani Express’ version seemed like it most likely used a dried curry mix to cook the chicken. I could definitely taste the curry in the chicken, but it wasn’t very hot. Actually, the majority of the heat came from the hot sauce, which you can omit, so if you prefer the taste of curry minus the heat, this might just be for you.

Besides the obvious next cart to try, the Trini Paki Boys cart, any other carts or places that you think has a good chicken curry?

NY Biryani Express Cart, Southeast corner of 45th Street and 3rd Avenue


  • I love heat, but the taste of grundle and armpits, aka, the taste of curry, makes me want to never stop throwing up and expelling that taste from my system if injested… I’d rather lick between the toes of a very very homeless man.

  • Goats, just ask them to pile a bunch of cilantro on top of the curry to kill the curry taste

  • That cilantro idea would actually work fred. and I can admit, I am now ok with cilantro. Cilantro yes. Curry f**K NO! NEVER! I would rather squeeze out my gym boxers and drink the juice!!!!!!

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    I used to hate the taste of too much cilantro and now I can’t get enough of it. Though I like my curry to be sweet or spicy though.

  • This guy wants his comments on a food website to be taken seriously, but that can never happen because he hates curry.

  • OK, I think I just lost my taste for curry. *blerg*

  • I hit this cart last week. The curry was underwhelming. I think the chicken is cooked in it and then removed from it. I didn’t really detect it at all. Kind of disappointing.

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