Fahima Halal Cart Pops Up on 3rd Avenue With a Decent Curry Chicken

Fahima Halal Food It’s very rare for me to know exactly what I want to eat for lunch when I head out.  As a result I usually end up walking around and around until I finally get tired and give in to whatever is closest.  But on Monday I headed out knowing exactly what I wanted: street meat.  And not just any street meat- but Rafiqi’s, the only street meat near my office I had yet to try (not counting the taste at last year’s Street Meat Palooza that I remember for its olives.) I walked straight to the corner of 47th & 3rd Ave and was surprised to find that in place of the big red truck was the Fahima Halal cart. (Apparently I had missed this news about them moving from their spot on 45th btw. 6+7th!) Since I was there already I decided to get their chicken over rice. Then I was asked if I wanted the curry chicken. I love curry chicken so I said yes please!

Curry marsala chicken

The curry chicken over rice with a side salad ($6) looked promising, with its boneless dark meat chicken (about 7 pieces) and a good amount of lentils and chickpeas. It’s hard to beat that combo of chickpeas, lentils,  chicken and spicy, and yet Fahima Halal’s version fell a little short. (I guess their photoshop skills are better than their curry making skills!) While the heat was there the curry flavor was a bit thin. It was good but it just needed a little bit more of curry to make it great. The lentils and chickpeas were cooked just right. The rice was a little mushy but did a good job at soaking up the curry sauce. As for the salad, it was fresh, a little tangy and did great to cool my mouth down.

I’m not quite sure where the Rafiqi truck went but then again I see those almost everywhere. Hopefully the Fahima Halal cart decides to stay at that spot so I get to eat more curry chicken over rice. Next time I’m going to ask if I can get a combo of curry chicken and lamb over rice.

Fahima Halal Cart, NW corner of 47th & 3rd Ave.


  • In this weather? Walk the extra couple of blocks to TriniPaki Boys, you will not get a better curry chicken anywhere. A nice plus is that after you buy lunch you can sit outside in Grace Court or Bryant Park, both right nearby.

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    I work by TriniPaki and they certainly does brisk businesses during the lunch hours. Bryant Park might be difficult to find seatings, so I would agree with Grac Court as well. Just a bit less greenery.

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    The doubles at the Trini Paki boys are so good! I do agree that there is a nice line right in front of that cart during lunch and it doesn’t even take long. I still need to try that fish sandwich.

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    I was left a li’l unimpressed by that cart. It’s a’ight.

    Yo, you know who has a baller chicken curry? The cart on the southeast corner of 45th and 3rd. Granted, their chicken tikka is the standout, but whatever you get, order it with white sauce and green sauce (which is hotter and more flavorful than their regular hot sauce).

  • you guys are making me hungry

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    Do they still offer the shark and bake? I’ve gone 3 0r 4 times and asked for it and they didnt have. Pretty sure that was wed – fri. Anyone recently get it?

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