Fahima Halal’s Latest Stunt Involves Bobby Flay And Photoshop

Anybody who’s been to the Kwik Meal cart lately has most likely noticed the photo of owner Muhammed Rahman with celebrity chef Bobby Flay taken from the Throwdown episode where Bobby beat Taim with Kwik Meal’s falafel recipe. And anybody who reads this site on a regular basis knows about the family feud between Muhammed and his brother, who operates the neighboring Fahima Halal Cart. Over the last few years, Fahima has done everything to lure customers away from Kwik Meal- including serving practically the same food. But their latest shenanigans might be the most ridiculous stunt of all…

Fahima’s cart now has the exact same photograph of Bobby Flay on it, except Muhammed’s brother (also named Muhammed) has been photoshopped in!  Upon doing extensive internet research (extensive means none, right?) I can confirm that Fahima has never appeared on TV with Bobby Flay. Do they seriously expect us to believe this cheap looking photo is legitimate or are they just having a ridiculous laugh like the rest of us?


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