NY Express Biryani Cart Brings Kati Rolls to 3rd Ave.

NY Express Biryani Cart
I miss a lot of things from the times I worked over on Sixth Avenue, like frequent trips to the Biryani Cart and Kati Rolls. Yes, we do have some at 44 Curry House (44th btw Lex+3rd), but I’m always on the lookout for cheap others. I had passed the NY Express Biryani cart on 45th Street many times, almost never taking the time to look at the menu and realize I was missing out on some kati roll goodness!

Kati Roll
NY Express Biryani has a menu similar to Biryani Cart; besides kati rolls they have chicken biryani on rice, and a chicken tikka masala roll. I ended up getting a kati roll, and an order of chicken biryani on rice. The roll was the definite winner; the chicken had well-rounded spiciness, the paratha-which would never overtake the king of parathas at Kati Roll Co.-tasted fresh and had the appropriate amount of griddle grease from browning, the lettuce and onion added nice crunch and flavor to the mix. Best of all, it was only $3. It’s a terrific substitute for these cold days where Sixth Ave seems so far away.

Bombay Chicken Biryani
The chicken biryani left a lot to be desired. The rice was a bit overcooked, and the only spicy flavor came from the green sauce I had them put on. The chicken thigh meat ended up be the sole highlight of the meal. Next time I’m hoping there’s some chicken tikka masala to accompany my kati order.

NY Biryani Express Cart, Southeast corner of 45th Street and 3rd Avenue

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