Midtown’s Potbelly Tally Now Equals Four

Hard to believe that just a year ago there were zero Potbelly Sandwich shops in Midtown and now we have four. The most recent location on Fifth Avenue (between 34th and 35th) that we told you about back in January is now officially open. It’s the fourth location in Midtown alone (not to mention two in the FiDi and one in the Flatiron) after the Rockefeller Center, Midtown East, and 37th and 7th locations. And the expansion is not over. According to their website, Potbelly’s gut will continue to grow when a location at 52nd and 3rd opens later this year. Seriously, will there be any area of Midtown where these sandwiches are not available?

At Potbelly Sandwich Shop Double Meat Might be the Way to Go
Potbelly’s Secret Underground Menu Available on 44th


  • Mediocre sandwiches FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you like Subway, you’ll love Potbelly! Really, it is barely better than a toasted subway sub. I’ll gladly take my 6 dollars, walk to Margon and get a fantastic chicken sandwich for the same price, and the line will be much shorter, and I will be stuffed when I finish eating.

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    There’s another up and coming Potbelly on 14th Street as well. It’s a widespread invasion into our city.

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    They will probably be moving into the old Sensebowl location.

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