Bryant Park Continues to Be Off-Limits for Trucks

We noticed this tweet today from Luke’s Lobster when asked if they plan on returning to their regular Bryant Park spot. Turns out the police have continued to crack down on food trucks parking in that area and have threatened “severe penalties” if they continue to show up. We used to see Taim around these parts at least once a week and even the smaller guys (namely the Mediterranean Grill truck who briefly parked on 39th) have been victims of police harassment. This was a prime location for many trucks and a great lunch option for those that work nearby and don’t want to settle with the food kiosks inside the park. I wonder if this has anything to do with Dan Biederman, who recently called street vendors “terrible citizens” and just so happens to be the head of the Bryant Park Corporation.


  • West 37th would welcome any and all trucks! We’re near busy crossroads, have loyal and well-off clientele, and need a break from the crap within the one-block radius!

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    “victims of police harassment”

    What a loaded phrase.

    If the law is clear that food trucks are not permitted to vend from parking spots on the streets around Bryant Park, then the police are just doing what they’re supposed to be doing: enforcing the law.

    Note that I’m not opining on whether the law is clear, or if it is clear, whether it is just.

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