Winter at ‘wichcraft Means New Sandwiches and Old faves

'wichcraft rock center

If you were sad when ‘wichcraft kicked their grilled Gruyère to the curb, today is your lucky day. Not only is it back starting today as part of their new winter menu, but it’s returning alongside two other old favorites and two new sandwiches. The old favorites are the meatloaf with tomato relish, bacon and aged Cheddar on ciabatta, and the roasted pork coppa with pickled pepper relish and fontina on grilled country bread. The Berkshire pork is being sourced from Iowa’s Berkridge Farms, which raises its animals without ‘roids, hormones, or growth promotants, sub-theraputic antibiotics, or animal by-products in their feed. Now, about those new sandwiches…

'wichcraft's grilled gruyere

If you’re not stopping by to pick up the “French Onion Soup as a sandwich” Grilled Gruyère, then check out one of the new ones. The first is a remake of the frittata sandwich they had a while ago, except this one is a roasted mushroom frittata with spinach, shallots, and aged Cheddar on ciabatta. The other sandwich sounds especially delicious to us kale-lovers: roasted chicken topped with braised kale, pickled vegetables and spicy aioli on ciabatta. No word on the prices for any of these, but we’re sure their probably between $7 and $10 each.

‘wichcraft, multiple locations

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