Contributor Stalking (The “$6 Rotisserie Chicken” Edition)

Brancaccio's Whole Roasted Chicken
$6 for a whole chicken? Too bad we can’t get this in Midtown! Photo by Brownie.

Chris showed Serious Eats readers Singapore’s 12 must try dishes, Brian drank beer and ate sausage at Jimmy’s No 43, Blondie surveyed the sweets in San Francisco, Brownie got thrifty with a $6 whole rotisserie chicken from Brancaccio’s, Rachel had grilled fish taco night and I photographed the kitchen at Do or Dine in Bed-Stuy.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Zach hits up a truck in Los Angeles that serves Rochester garbage plates (!!!), Jamie got chicken and waffles from a truck in Philly and Andrea found a SoHo Dominican spot where the truck drivers and delivery guys go.

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    You can get a rotisserie chicken for $6.99 from Dallas BBQ, takeout only. One of the best deals in Times Square, sometimes I grab one on the way home via the Port Autority bus terminal.

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